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Explore Canada, the land of kindness!

Canada can pride itself on being the second largest country on the planet, but it can even more, thanks to the amazing and countless sites and tourist…


Hola ! Welcome to Mexico

If you’re curious to know what makes Mexico so special, and why it attracts so many tourists each year… wait no more, and plan a trip there. You will…


What travelers should expect after COVID-19

We are all concern about the actual crisis the world is facing. Everyone is wondering when will everything return to normal to enjoy life like before.

Montreal City. Licensed image; see our Intellectual Property Policy

Greetings from La Belle Province!

What if we discover why Quebec, proudly called «La Belle Province» is one of the best destinations to do activities, whatever the season of the year?

Hotel Istana (Malaysia)

Top 10 of the hotels

When going to a destination, the first thing that comes in mind is to find a good hotel that will meet your requirements. A hotel that is well-rated,…


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