7 good reasons to visit Vietnam

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7 good reasons to visit Vietnam

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Vietnam is a South Eat Asia country bordered by the South China Sea. Stretching from north to south, it shares borders with China, Cambodia, and Laos. A country that has so much to be discovered. Despite the fact it receives countless visitors each year, there are still so many things to be explored in Vietnam. You might wonder what makes it so special and why so many people are visiting it. Numerous reasons incite travelers to choose this destination; here are 7 of the main ones.

1. Gastronomy

It is no secret that Asian food is among the tastiest in the world. Undoubtedly, you had the occasion of tasting it. However, tasting food in its country of origin is far more than delicious. Vietnam is not an exception in that matter. Though if its food varies by region, street food remains a trademark of the country because it is divine, fresh and healthy no matter where. Whether it’s a bowl of rice or Pho noodles, spring rolls, fresh vegetables, seafood from Ha Long Bay, your nostrils and taste buds will love what they smell and taste. The food is simply heavenly!

2. The sites

From north to south, Vietnam has countless of beautiful sites that will knock you off of your feet. If you want to hit the bull’s eye, you can’t go wrong with Halong Bay, Ho Chi Minh City, and Hue. Halong Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, should probably be the first place to visit. Ho Chi Minh City, perhaps the liveliest city in the country will captivate you with all it has to offer. Hue, a city which by itself explains a big part of Vietnam’s history with its multiple iconic monuments. When in Vietnam, make sure you visit at least one of these 3 sites.

3. The people

On your trip, expect to receive a warm welcome that will make your stay forever memorable. Vietnamese people are known to be kind, friendly, and generous. No matter where you visit in the country, they will put you at ease so you can know them better. According to some sources and travelers, one of Vietnam’s most precious treasures is its people. You’ll see what we mean if you visit some of the most popular cities: Ho Chi Minh City, Hoi An, Hue and many more.

4. Affordability

Think it is expensive to have a stay in Vietnam? Think again! There is something for nearly every budget. With Plant It Smarter, you will find hotel prices ranging between 35$ and 50$ CDN for a room per night, even lower. You don’t have to worry about food; street food is delicious, healthy. In many cities, you’ll find kiosks by the sidewalks selling food for a very good price, and you can do many interesting experiences without breaking your wallet.

5. Beaches

With the South China Sea bordering it from north to south on the East coast, Vietnam offers 3260 kilometers of beaches. Beautiful beaches with soft sand and crystal clear waters that you won’t be able to resist. Here’s a glance at 5 of the most beautiful ones :

- Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc is not that much of a beach, but an island; the largest one in Vietnam. Phu Quoc is mostly known for its multiple beaches. For many people, the most famous one is Long Beach because it is perfect to sunbathe and swim. Some other people love this beach for fishing, snorkeling, kayaking, and many other water activities.

- Nha Trang beach

Located on the south-central coast of the country, Nha Trang is particularly known for its amazing turquoise waters that are warm throughout the year. It attracts visitors from all over the world, especially backpackers. Declared as one of the most beautiful bays in the world, it is also called City Beach. Some interesting activities visitors love to do there include scuba diving, kite-boarding, and sailing.

- Danang Beach

Danang is a stunning beach with white sand, pristine coral reef, palm-fingered shoreline. Known to be more than ideal for water activities, such as scuba diving and surfing, Danang Beach is composed of several sections, including My An, My Khe, and many more. The region where it’s located is easily accessible by train, bus, and motorbike.

- An Bang Beach

Located not far from Hoi An’s UNESCO World Heritage Site, this beach is a Must-visit when visiting Vietnam. Its turquoise waters and white sand are enough to make you return every day until your stay ends. Also, the well-maintained gardens, bars, restaurants, and accommodation facilities are what make its popularity. Like many other beaches of the country, An Bang is ideal for surfing, scuba diving, and of course, swimming.

6. The history

A visit to Vietnam will introduce you to its complex, but rich history that seems timeless. Aside from the bloody war with the USA, many other facets make its history unique. Occupied by different countries for many years in the past, colonial influences are visible in every corner of the country.

Cities like Hue, Ho Chi Minh City, and Hoi An have been the scene of significant events, especially Vietnam’s War. Monuments and sites like the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Ho Chi Minh Stilt House, the Cu Chi Tunnels and testimony of the survivors are visible evidence of the said war. It is a fascinating history worth learning.

7. The culture

Another aspect that makes Vietnam a unique country is its culture, one of the oldest of South East Asia. According to some sources, it dates back to 2000 years BC and has been influenced by Chinese, French, Indian and Khmer cultures. Some beautiful buildings with French architecture and names can be found almost everywhere in the country. For instance, Belle Maison Hadana Hoi An Resort & Spa, is one of them.

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