Greetings from La Belle Province!

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Greetings from La Belle Province!

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What if we discover why Quebec, proudly called «La Belle Province» is one of the best destinations to do activities, whatever the season of the year?

In terms of culture, biodiversity and many other aspects, the province of Quebec is by far the richest of Canada. Sharing borders with 3 other provinces and 4 American States, it extends on an impressive area of 1 667 712 Km2, making it the largest province of the country. With such a vast land, France could fit 3 times in it.

It could be quite embarrassing to talk about Quebec without mentioning Montreal, its most important city, in many terms. Though it’s located completely south, Montreal can be considered Quebec’s diadem. The province’s motto «I remember», refers mainly to its history, to what it went through before becoming what it is called today: «La Belle Province»: (The Beautiful Province).

In Montreal, at any time of the year, there is something to do and see. Whether it is attractions, events, activities, museums, sites, you name it, boredom does not exist in Montrealers' vocabulary. Whether you’re a local or a foreign tourist, Montreal will still amaze you with all it has to offer. See for yourself….

Down-Town Montreal

If you have not been to, nor have heard of Down-Town Montreal, you only know the city by name. Down-Town is the city’s economic pillar, the epicenter of major events like the Montreal Jazz Festival, Canada Grand Prize, and others. Down-Town Montreal is also where you’ll find countless skyscrapers dominating the landscape.

Down-Town Montreal is far more than what is said in these few lines; it’s the part of the city that never sleeps. It’s the part of the city that hides the world's largest network of underground galleries measuring some 33 kilometers long. Down-Town Montreal is… «you must experience it to understand it».


The Old-Port of Montreal is another site that puts the city on a pedestal. A charming place where tourists, as well as locals, can do many fun activities, including a walk. It’s probably the best place for a man to ask his girlfriend the super question: «Will you marry me?». Whether you want to explore east, west or both, not even a day is enough.

Celebrations at the Old-Port

As previously said, there is always something to do in Montreal, and celebrating Halloween is one of them. When celebrated, October 25th to November 1st, many participants (disguised if they want to) walk down the «shady» streets and alleys of Old-Montreal. They follow a storyteller as he tells gloomy and spooky stories.

Some other people prefer participating in another activity which they like to mention as Legends & stories. A simple evening walk with a storyteller through the street of the Old-Port during which he tells gloomy stories, and where creepy creatures like witches, charlatans are lurking in all dimly lit corners of Old-Port. Will you dare?

The time of the year that everyone loves is also celebrated at the Old-Montreal… Christmas! Like everyone sings it, «It’s the most wonderful time of the year»; it’s even more true at the Old-Montreal. The streets, the buildings, and Christmas trees beautifully decorated with shimmering lights make the symbiosis that describes best the magic of Christmas.


Another beautiful place in Quebec is Saint-Hippolyte, located only 1-hour drive north of Montreal. This little district located in the Laurentides region is one of the best places to do all kinds of activities. No matter the season of the year, Saint-Hippolyte offers the possibility to do activities that will make you fall in love with the province.


Ever heard of canicross? If you’re a dog lover this term might ring a bell. It is the combination of a dog and a person hiking or jogging together in the meanders of the woods. The dog is connected to the person with a belt worn at the waist. It’s not any dog, it’s a Siberian husky.

Atving & Jeep excursion

There’s nothing more exciting than riding an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) or a Jeep off the beaten tracks in the alleys of a forest. Two activities that are known to wake up the child sleeping in every person not afraid to reach the peak of excitement. Saint-Hippolyte is surely one of the places in Canada to do these activities.

Dog sledding

Yes, Quebecers love their canine companions and appreciate their company. This fun activity takes place during wintertime in the mountains. Pulled by 6 Siberian husky dogs, a sled with a maximum of 2 persons slides smoothly on snowed paths, offering the participants a beautiful view of the surroundings while they enjoy the fresh air.


Quebec counts numerous water sources that total 22% of its territory. These sources consist of rivers, lakes, and ponds. Many of them are perfect to have a relaxing fishing day. Lake Morency in Saint-Hippolyte is a great spot for this activity. It is where you can catch amazing fish species that are so delicious once cooked.